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Business Communication Matters


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Myofunctional Disorders (Tongue thrust)

Adult Services- Business Communication Matters



The Accent Management Program


Speakers who need to change their accent patterns to improve their business or social effectiveness.


Purpose of the Program:

To identify and target specific speech behaviors which will help your listener:

  • Understand your speech
  • Respond to your message


You will:

  • Complete a communication needs interview and speech assessment,
  • Identify speech patterns which detract from your message,
  • Learn techniques to modify those patterns in your target situations,
  • Train yourself to utilize new speech patterns in more challenging situations. 


  • Program blocks: Evaluation + 10 sessions
  • You will practice your new accent patterns face-to-face with our communication specialist
  • You will track your progress in targeted speaking situations
  • Instructor and self assessment each session
  • Assignments & exercises to take home

Clients include:

  • U.S.Foods • Allstate Insurance
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission • Chicago Youth Centers
  • Communispond • Emerson Motor Company
  • Abbott Labs • Motorola
  • Wrigley Co. • Crown Imports
  • Discover Financial • HSBC International
  • Franciscan House • Divine Word Theology




Communication Effectiveness
& Business Writing For Managers


Managers and Executives who need to make presentations more effectively.


Purpose of the Program:

To identify and target techniques that will ensure listeners respond to your message.


You will focus on:

Oral Communication

  • Intonation, stress and pitch control
  • Vocabulary and pronunciation
  • Phrasing and rate management
  • Projection and loudness management

Non-verbal Communication

  • Appropriate body posture and gestures
  • Interpreting non-verbal cues

Written Language

  • Process Writing Techniques
  • Business correspondence
  • American English writing styles
  • Fine points of grammar usage


  • Analysis of linguistic skills
  • Computerized biofeedback
  • Individually designed training programs
  • Audio and video tapings
  • Customized workbook and materials
  • Frequent progress evaluations and follow-up




 Voice Problems


Our staff is proud of their experience in voice issues, affecting work or performance.  We work closely with referring Ear, Nose and Throat doctors who have come to know and trust the effectiveness and client satisfaction with our approach.

Dr. Lybolt is a member of the American Speech/Language Hearing Association Speech Interest Group for Voice Disorders and is a contributor to their website.  Our direct approach, using electronic equipment and efficient techniques helps most clients note positive change after no more than 3 to 4 sessions.





Myofunctional (Tongue Thrust) Issues

Orthodontists often refer some clients as part of their treatment process.  Some clients push their tongue against or between their incisors when they swallow.  When this swallowing pattern continues after completion of dental arch realignment, your orthodontist may determine that the tongue pressure will force teeth out of their new alignment.  Our Myofunctional treatment includes an initial assessment to determine the extent of the problem and suitability/timing for treatment.  The treatment process lasts from 8 to 10 weekly sessions (depending on the consistency of client practice between visits).  After the final session, follow-up visits are scheduled from one to three months apart to ensure continuity.






GLSpeech staff has extensive experience with stuttering.  Dr. Lybolt is a Stuttering/Fluency Specialist certified by the American Speech/Language Association, a certification achieved by extensive clinical practice, teaching experience, research and continued education. He is a SpeechEasy device consultant for those clients who experience effective stuttering relief during their evaluation.