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The Accent Management Program


Speakers who need to change their accent patterns to improve their business or social effectiveness.


Purpose of the Program:

To identify and target specific speech behaviors which will help your listener:

  • Understand your speech
  • Respond to your message


You will:

  • Complete a communication needs interview and speech assessment,
  • Identify speech patterns which detract from your message,
  • Learn techniques to modify those patterns in your target situations,
  • Train yourself to utilize new speech patterns in more challenging situations. 


  • Program blocks: Evaluation + 10 sessions
  • You will practice your new accent patterns face-to-face with our communication specialist
  • You will track your progress in targeted speaking situations
  • Instructor and self assessment each session
  • Assignments & exercises to take home

Clients include:

  • U.S.Foods • Allstate Insurance
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission • Chicago Youth Centers
  • Communispond • Emerson Motor Company
  • Abbott Labs • Motorola
  • Wrigley Co. • Crown Imports
  • Discover Financial • HSBC International
  • Franciscan House • Divine Word Theology


Contact us at (847) 564-9230 or if interested.