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Business Communication Matters


Accent Management



Effective Executive Communication









Myofunctional Disorders (Tongue thrust)

Communication Effectiveness
& Business Writing For Managers



Managers and Executives who need to make presentations more effectively.


Purpose of the Program:

To identify and target techniques that will ensure listeners respond to your message.


You will focus on:

Oral Communication

  • Intonation, stress and pitch control
  • Vocabulary and pronunciation
  • Phrasing and rate management
  • Projection and loudness management

Non-verbal Communication

  • Appropriate body posture and gestures
  • Interpreting non-verbal cues

Written Language

  • Process Writing Techniques
  • Business correspondence
  • American English writing styles
  • Fine points of grammar usage


  • Analysis of linguistic skills
  • Computerized biofeedback
  • Individually designed training programs
  • Audio and video tapings
  • Customized workbook and materials
  • Frequent progress evaluations and follow-up


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